A Day in the Life of a Master Cheesemaker

Blog A Day In The Life Of A Master Cheesemaker

Here’s a little insight into a the day in a life of Woombye cheese maker as told by head cheese maker Stefan Wilson.

Our days are typically filled with cheese making until lunch time and then finishes up with extensive cleaning and hygiene practices as that is most important when making cheese.

The day starts by picking up the milk from the local dairy, and the it usually arrives at the Woombye factory by 7am. Then we start to make the cheese.

The process begins by heating the milk and adding the starter cultures. We then add rennet (we use vegetable rennet at Woombye), and let it set. This takes a while so it gives us a chance to clean up the work areas – and cleaning is a massive part of what we do.

It is then time to cut the curds, and stir check the PH levels. If all is good we start hoping and adding to the moulds.

At around lunch time we start turning the cheese in their moulds, and have to turn them about three times. Now we let them sit for the rest of the day.

The next day the cheese is brined in salt, and we leave it to mature for around 10 days. Once it is ready, we wrap and ship it to our awesome stockists.
What makes Woombye cheese so good?

The team we have working with us, and the traditional cheese making methods we use. Our location is especially important as it gives us access to fresh milk direct from a fantastic dairy as the milk is pasteurized but not processed and homogenized like milk from the shop.

I also like the laid back country atmosphere of Woombye, and it is such a supportive community.

Top number 1 secret for making good cheese?

Good milk. And also taking the time to get it right and not rushing the process. I also think the fact we use our hands and not machines means the cheese is just better.