We often get asked whether our factory is open to the public & while we aren’t able to offer tours at this stage, we thought the next best thing would be a virtual tour! Above is a look at our maturation room where all the magic happens while our cheese is maturing. In addition here’s a sneak-peek behind the scenes for all of you curious cheese lovers out there…

Our Head Cheese Maker, Stefan, ‘cutting the curd’ which helps to separate the whey. The type of milk, cream and cultures we add prior to the cutting stage will all depend on what cheese we are making on the day! For example, our Triple Cream Brie is a mixture of both milk and cream.

Once the whey has been separated from the curd, Stefan then pours the curd into moulds – otherwise known as ‘hooping up’.

Dylan our Assistant Cheesemaker, washing our Blackall Gold Washed Rind in a brine solution, which gives it a unique flavour & distinct golden colour.

Our flagship cheese, Truffle Triple Cream Brie, being cut and wrapped by our Dairy Supervisor, Bruce and Dairy Assistant, Helene, ready to send to our distributors.

Our Woombye Ash Brie in the making. We take only the best batches of our Triple Cream Brie & carefully roll them in ash which not only results in a striking black and white appearance, but also adds a lovely earthy mushroom note to the cheese.